Danielle Bux Bra Size

Just recently i came across a site that had Danielle Bux's measurements listed, and i was more than shocked to see that her bra size is 32DD.

Does that even sound remotely close to you?

Judging from her lovely photos, i always thought she look like a 32C or perhaps maybe a D cup MAX, but DD seems to be a little far fetched in my opinion.

Danielle Bux Net Worth?

Does anyone has the slightest clue as to what Danielle Bux money net worth is?

Shes been pretty successful in the modeling industry and a little work on television as well, so i would imagine that she is pulling in a pretty handsome salary. Any ideas how much she is worth?

I would guess that she has a couple million under her belt, and perhaps a whole lot more after the marriage to Gary Lineker.


Danielle Bux Ray Ban Warrior Sunglasses

Has anyone seen this photo of Danielle Bux looking fabulous while sporting a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses?

The model of sunglasses is titled Warrior and apparently the are currently one of the hottest styles of Ray Ban on the market right now.

What do you think, does Danielle Bux kinda look like Cheryl Cole with these sunglasses on?

Danielle Bux Height

One thing we can all agree on is that Danielle Bux is a spitting image of perfection in every aspect of the word, however do you know the size of this little lady?

I'm not positive what dress size measurements are, but i can tell you her height is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Is that not the ideal height of a woman?


Danielle Bux Lovely Hair

Every now and then you see a gorgeous gal which takes your breath away, simply at the sight of her lovely flowing hair.

Danielle Bux is truly that type of woman, with amazingly bountiful thick lush hair, long and brunette which just adds a little more to the sexiness!

Really a top notch head of hair ms Danielle Bux has here.


Danielle Bux Breast Implants?

I have recently been pondering the thought of whether or not Danielle Bux has breast implants or if she is all natural.

In most pictures her breast seem overly firm, so I'm leaning towards plastic surgery implants, but was hoping to hear some feedback from some other Danielle Bux fans.

So lets her your opinion on the subject!

Does Danielle Bux have real breasts or breast implants?